1F95 | Maytag 90 Series Programmable Thermostat

  • Easy Operation: This thermostats interactive display and smart system controls make it simple to operate.
  • Saves Energy: Maximize the energy efficiency of your heating and cooling system by setting a comfort schedule. This way you can heat and cool your home based on your needs.
  • Big Touchscreen: This thermostat not only has a large touchscreen, but one of the largest touchscreens in the heating and cooling industry.

When no one is home, it is not cost effective to run your heating and cooling equipment. Programmable thermostats help save energy by working according to your schedule. With the Maytag 90 Series Blue Touchscreen thermostat you can program your heating and cooling equipment to run according to your daily schedule helping to deliver premium home comfort, but only when you need it.

1F97 | Maytag 90 Series Programmable Thermostat Dual Fuel

  • Simple System Control: This model is easy for homeowners to use due to an interactive display and smart system controls.
  • Control Your Comfort Schedule: Base your heating and cooling schedule around your homes needs. This can help maximize the efficiency of your home comfort system.
  • Big Screen: This thermostat model features one of the largest touchscreens in the industry.

Reduce energy-usage levels by choosing a programmable thermostat. The Maytag 90 Series Blue Touchscreen thermostat gives you complete control over the comfort levels in your home. It features remote sensing, so that you can run a furnace and a heat pump (a dual-fuel system setup). This isnt to mention that when you arent home, your heating and cooling equipment doesnt have to run. Just use the programmable operation to schedule your heating and air conditioning equipment according to your schedule.

Maytag High-Efficiency Media Air Cleaner

  • Easy to Maintain: With this filter, you will only need to change it once a year (in standard applications).
  • Indoor Air Quality Up: This air cleaner can be a very healthy addition to your indoor air quality system.
  • Quiet: Silent operation.

The Maytag high-efficiency Media Air Cleaner removes particles down to 0.3 micron that is a 1/84,000 of an inch! Clean air in your home is important for the health of your family. This particular model is specifically designed to work with split system air conditioners and heat pumps not for use in packaged heating and cooling equipment.

96% AFUE Two-Stage, Fixed Speed, High Efficiency Gas Furnace

  • Two-Stage Operation: This unit acts like two furnaces in one. One that operates at low capacity and one that operates at high capacity.
  • iSEER Motor Technology: iSEER technology in this gas furnace model maximizes the iSEER rating of most air conditioners and heat pumps, meeting ENERGY STAR requirements.
  • Flexible Airflow: In order to tackle most challenging high-static applications, this model features 16 heating and cooling speeds.

The Maytag PGC2TE and PGC2TN offer 96% AFUE heating - delivering maximum comfort at different performance levels. In fact, this unit surpasses ENERGY STAR's requirements for a high-efficiency designation.

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Gas/Electric Pack 14 SEER, 95% AFUE, Two Stage

  • Superb Heating Efficiency: Not only does this gas pack reach high levels of heating efficiency, but it is the most efficient gas pack in the heating and cooling industry. While most units only reach 80% AFUE, this unit reaches 95% AFUE. Nearly all of the energy you put into this unit is converted into useful heating power.
  • Two-Stage Operation Promotes Consistent Comfort: While in heating mode, this unit operates in two-stages. This promotes consistent temperatures throughout the day, regardless of temperature. This unit can operate at a low capacity or a high capacity, depending on your homes demands.
  • R-410A Refrigerant Comes Standard: With the gradual phase out of R-22, it is important to get a unit that is compatible with the new, environmentally-friendly choice R-410A.

95% AFUE is an unprecedented level of heating efficiency. In fact, this gas pack has the highest heating efficiency rating in the HVAC industry. This is all in addition to above-standard cooling efficiency and additional home comfort features that encourage proper function and the best home comfort. SCAQMD Only:This furnace does not meet the SCAQMD Rule 1111 14 ng/J NOx emission limit (14 ng/J), and thus is subject to a mitigation fee of up to $450. This furnace is not eligible for the Clean Air Furnace Rebate Program: www.CleanAirFurnaceRebate.com.

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